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OH BOY! Oberto Top Qualifier


Courtesy of Tri-City Herald

Jean Theoret took one last shot on Friday, and it worked.

Theoret, driving the U-16 Oh Boy! Oberto, hit a 160.000 mph speed on his final lap of qualifying to sit atop the ladder at the HAPO Columbia Cup


It was impressive, considering temperatures reached 105 degrees, and it’s hard for turbines to perform well in heat.

“We were very blessed. This team works so well together,” said Theoret. “After our crash in Detroit last year, we’re glad to be back here. This is a very good ride. (Crew chief) Mike Hanson changed a few things to the boat.”

The Columbia River was the site of last year’s Gold Cup, and Theoret and the Ellstrom team easily had the fastest boat in the field then


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Also, KNDU/SWX extended the coverage on SWX only to start at 11:00 am Sunday. Then KNDU/KNDO will join at 1:00 pm and both will broadcast until 5:00 or until the end of the final race.

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