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Eacret and Tate First Day Bayfair Winners

SAN DIEGO—Kevin Eacret scored a surprise victory with U-99.9 Leland Unlimited Miss Rock in heat 1A. Eacret made the only legal start and cruised to first place. J. Michael Kelly in U-5 Graham Trucking was first across the starting line, followed by Jimmy Shane in U-1 Miss HomeStreet and Tom Thompson in U-11 Peters & May. Officials called all three over early. Each was given a one minute penalty.

Eacret was last across the starting line, but he was legal and that resulted in a first place finish. Miss Rock averaged 131.486 mph. Graham Trucking was second at 116.414 mph. Miss HomeStreet took third with an average of 111.255 mph. Peters & May was fourth at 108.103 mph. Following the heat both Shane and Thompson asked for a drivers’ representative in order to challenge the gun jump penalty. Officials reviewed film of the start and said the penalties were justified. “It wasn’t even close,” said referee Doug Brow.

In heat 1B first place went to Andrew Tate at the wheel of U-9 Delta Realtrac, with an average speed of 149.895 mph. Brian Perkins was a close second in U-21 All Access Racing at 148.084 mph. Jeff Bernard took third in U-7 Graham Trucking II, at 145.197 mph. Cal Phipps was unable to finish in U-27 Dalton Industries. He was wet down by another boat before the start and trailed the fleet for two laps before the engine stalled. Phipps also asked for a drivers’ representative, but no lane violation was called on the other boat.

Following the conclusion of heat 1B, the draw was held for the next round of preliminary heats. Boats in heat 2A, scheduled on Sunday at 12:30, include Peters & May, Delta Realtrac, Graham Trucking, and Dalton Industries.

Those in heat 2B, at 12:45, will be All Access Racing, Graham Trucking II, Miss HomeStreet, and Leland Unlimited Miss Rock. Another round of preliminary heats will be held at 2:30 and 2:45. The winner-take-all final heat is scheduled for 4:30 pm PDT.

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