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Ellstrom Racing in Pahrump, Nevada

The Ellstrom Racing Off-Road team is in Pahrump, Nevada for the PAHRUMP NUGGET “250” presented by

The event marks the second appearance for Ellstrom Racing’s off-road team following an impressive debut at the 2016 “King of the Hammers” in early February and the debut of the team’s new state-of-the-art desert racing UTV.

Driver Sven Ellstrom and co-driver Matthew Rutz will get some seat time in the new rig and a chance to check out the 250 mile race course through the Nevada desert on Wednesday during pre-running and testing.

The Thursday schedule includes events designed to give fans and spectators access to the race teams. Friday is “Tech and Contingency” day which includes inspections and the driver’s meeting.

Erick Ellstrom explains, “There are seven pit stops available, but we probably don’t need to use all of them. We will only need one fuel stop.”

Ellstrom added, “We will have two pit crews working the race course, so there will be someone at each pit stop location if Sven and Matt need anything.”

Mark Holz of Holz Racing in Lynden, Washington will join the team for the event, adding what Ellstrom called “A lot of racing experience and expertise.”

Links to live tracking, live streaming and Facebook updates will be posted on the Ellstrom Racing web site and Facebook page on Friday.

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