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Meanwhile - Back at the Shop

Mike Hanson and the Ellstrom Racing Team are getting the team's race boat ready for the 2016 season. The hull needed some minor repairs following the accident in Detroit and those are just about completed.

Some of the hardware for the skid fin bracket needed replacing. Those parts are in the shop now and ready to go on the boat, as is the skid fin itself which finally arrived back in Ballard. The fin escaped the adventure with minor nicks and bruises.

A new cowling is nearing completion and the inventory of spare parts - wings, bull noses, etc. - has been built up.

Mike says, "When we had time to go through the boat we found a little more damage than was obvious at first, but nothing too major. With the time we have before the start of the season, getting the boat back to 100% will not be a problem."

So the fastest boat in the H1 Fleet should be back at full strength when its time to load the truck and go racing in 2016.

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