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TOP 5 - At UTV Championship

Photos courtesy - Turn2 TV Productions

You think the traffic is bad in your town? If you had been riding along with Sven Ellstrom and Chazz Arenibas at the Polaris RZR UTV World Championship in Laughlin, Nevada on Saturday, you would have experienced some REAL problems with slower traffic.

The Ellstrom/Oberto team battled a rough race course and the poor visibility created by the 29 racers starting ahead of them to a remarkable 4th place finish after 3 hours and 36 minutes fighting their way through traffic which bottled them up at times and forced them to keep the speed down.

Ellstrom commented, “Starting where we did, we knew we would have a lot of passing to do - something Sven does very well. But he was really frustrated early on when it was difficult to break through the guys who started ahead of him.”

Most of the gains in elapsed time that led to the high finish came in later laps when traffic had thinned a little. Only nine of the 56 racers who started were able to score all 10 laps, with the Ellstrom team the only one to finish all 10 laps after starting in the back half of the field.

So overall – a Top 5 finish in the UTV World Championship left the owner with a lot to be happy about. “Three and a half hours of hard running with everything working says a lot about our team and sponsors,” Added Ellstrom. “The new lights from Baja Designs were a major factor in this one and we got another great performance from our BF Goodrich Tires. Thanks to Nate and the crew from AZ West, one of our associate sponsors, who also were participating sponsors of the UTV World Championship.”

Sonic Tools and AIM Data Acquisition will be on board again at the VT Construction Silver State 300 near Alamo, Nevada May 2 – 5. The Ellstom/Oberto team will be among the first to leave the start line, which should lead to a much different race.

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