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Next Up - Silver State 200

At the Edmonds, Washington home of Ellstrom Racing, the team loads up for the trip to the Best In The Desert VT Construction Silver State 300 presented by Method Race Wheels this weekend in the desert North of Alamo, Nevada.

Team owner Erick Ellstrom is optimistic that the mechanical issues which cost the team a podium finish at the UTV World Championship April 7 in Laughlin, Nevada have been solved.

Driver Sven Ellstrom and co-driver Chazz Arenibas have developed into a strong team with excellent communication, known for moving up through the field to join the front runners in the dash to the podium. That is exactly were they were when a breakdown stopped them just short of the finish line in Laughlin.

"The problem was similar to a breakdown that took us out of the Parker 425 after a strong run," explained Ellstrom. "It's really disappointing to have Sven and Chazz do such a great job all day with the game plan working perfectly, only to end up with something out of their control taking them out of the race with the finish in sight. We believe we have fixed the problem and the guys will earn the high finish they deserve."

Ellstrom added, "We are going to be running with a different tire compound from Tensor Tires for this race. Our Tensor tires have been fast and strong for us all season and we think this softer compound might be even faster."

Tech and contingency will take place Friday at the Texas Station Gambling Hall. Ellstrom and Arenibas will leave the start line in 13th position in the #996 Obert Beef Jerky Pro Turbo UTV on Saturday. That will give them racers to pass - just the way they like it.

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